A brief visit to Akureyri

After a busy five days at sea filled with ups and downs (pun intended) we are having an unexpected but welcome break. Well, hardly a break as the work never stops, but the opportunity for a night off and a few beers was well received with the team. So far we have completed two CTD transects, launched several radiosondes during a moderate cold air outbreak, and spent plenty of time fixing niggling problems.

The downside is we are losing a couple of days of observations, exacerbating the initial delays. But 60 knot winds off Scoresby Sund, East Greenland, driving dangerously high seas in our target area, coupled with a broken capstan, forced the Italian crew to call a brief retreat to harbour.

We will be underway again at 18:00 this afternoon and steaming straight back towards the ice edge. Next on the list is another CTD transect, deployment of two ocean gliders, deployment of a met buoy and of course more radiosondes. No cold-air outbreak conditions expected for a few days but we will be ready when the next one comes!

At least the stop provides an opportunity to find a decent internet connection to upload a few pictures.


NRV Alliance in Akureyri harbour.
Lovely conditions for testing the radiosonde antenna.
The UEA met team.
The misty mountains of Akureyri.
How you deal with snow in Iceland.
Enjoying strapping up the GPS antenna in 40 knot winds (-20°C wind chill), high seas and an icy deck. “Prepare for 80 knots!”

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